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Has anyone made one of these to maximize on damage and healing? curious about the range and aoe size at base. I don't like to min max so was thinking Pale Elf (just like their look , bearded blue elves rule) base con, int, res, 12 perc 18 might and dex.  He might have early accuracy issues in POTD though. 


/Random thoughts. 

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I did a PotD Kind Wayfarer with a team that did quite well.


Was a Island Aumaua with two arquebus and Tidefall. Used the flaming sword from the gloves a lot as well.  Had 18 Might, 15 Perception and 15 Resolve with everything else a ten. The high Might made up for the normal intellect as far as heals and damage goes, the aura size was sufficient to cover the front melee guys and any ranged had to step in a little closer but still worked fine. I had another Paladin, Pellaginna, on the team as well as Kana so there was a lot of beneficial auras, regen and what not going around to buff the entire team. Early game I'd micro to get the kill shot for the heal (took it at level two) as it really helped, later on he would still manage a few kills per battle without any extra work.


Dropping Resolve and putting into Dexterity would make him much more damaging and lose out on some dialogue and a little deflection. Sounds like a fine trade off. 

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