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Sadly, no, there is no magical sync button to push on your devices.  Data syncs automatically, in different ways, at different times, for different reasons.  There are a couple known times the app does talk to the cloud, so it may be possible to use it to your advantage.


Probable workaround for when the sync flakes out:

  1. Force-quit
    1. Force quit the app on all devices.
  2. Uplink
    1. Open the app on device with the party you are trying to sync (the one with the newest version of your characters).
    2. Chose the party you want to sync up to the cloud.
    3. Go to the overworld map then back out (this should fire off a character sync to the cloud).
    4. Maybe repeat above steps (2) and (3) a couple times.  Just in case.
  3. Downlink
    1. Re-open the app on the target device.
    2. Wait for the "Logged in" message and the challenges button to appear.
    3. A download sync should be complete at this point.  "New" characters from the cloud should be downloaded over "old" characters.
  4. Play​ on second device

The above song-and-dance shouldn't always be necessary, but sometimes things fall out of sync in a funny way.  Let us know if it helps.


Plan B is also to simply delete Pathfinder on the device full of old data.  Feels like a leap of faith, but if it is already woefully out-of-date, there isn't much to lose.

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