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May I have some info?



Well, I'm pretty new with this game, I read the rules and I have still questins without answers:

-When I drow a basic blessing and there is the same blessing on the top of the discard pile I take two damages (I didn't read of this anywhere...);

-sometimes using a basic blessing in combat I recive 2 dice instead of 1;

-sometimes it happen that when you use a card, for example a weapon, and you cancel the action, or you have to choose between some cards which to take back from the discard pile f.e. the card desapper (in the first example it appears the next turn, in the second simply it is not visible, but is still there);

-I can't manage the party for quest: I can only add characters, I cannot change them or restart something new;

-what is the option of deletig characters?;

-the most important thing is that I can't manage any characters deck, I remember that in the rules is written that after and before any senario you can change your deck, but this is not true: the only option that I have is changing cards amongst the ones I took in the senario and the only way to see the cards that you have is to banish a card and don't take it back a card of the same kund in the senario, in this way it will be displayed all the collection that you have of that kind. Is this the right way to buoul the deck, to don't have the chance to buould it?


Thank you for your time, patuence and for reading.

Merry Christmas to everyone! ^_^

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Not sure about the first, maybe scenario rule?

Basic blessing copies the effect of the top card of the blessing deck and some blessing grants extra dice for certain checks.

There can be some ui errors that you can not see the card. You still can move it or interact with it. Sometimes going to vault and coming back clear these ui problems.

There is only one party slot in the quest mode. You can drag characters in and out of it.

You can delete characters by selecting three dots button in the character screen.

You can manage characters decks only before the very first scenario, or if you have too few card left after scenario or too Many. But you can fully change only ones, in the very Beginning.


Happy christmast to you too!

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That first one sounds like the location effect of Shrine to Lamashtu, are you sure you got the conditions right?


You should be able to both add and remove characters(by dragging them all the way back to the top) in quest. I've previously had it hang up about not wanting to add a different version of the same character after I've removed them but leaving the manage screen and coming back should fix that. Also, if you leave quest mode between scenarios it should clear your party and let you add new characters. Quest mode doesn't let you have multiple parties though.


As Hannibal said the delete option should be in the (...) button on the bottom-right-ish of the character portrait. You can only use it if they're not in a party though.


As for the deck management, that's how it's supposed to work. You can always swap cards between characters, but otherwise the only new cards you get are those you acquire during the scenario, or basics if you don't have enough cards to fill out a deck. Which makes it important to grab any cards you want when you see them. That's just how the game works.


Hope that helps. Happy holidays.

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