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Support Office Closed During Dec 23rd - Jan 1st

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Hey everyone,


Just wanted to let everyone know that the Obsidian office will be out for the holiday break, so the response time to support tickets will be delayed during this time. 


For those who have made purchases that did not process correctly, I will do my best to work over the break and make sure that your purchases are added to your accounts.


Thank you all so much and we all wish you the happiest of holidays! 

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Guess that explains why there is no response from them in nearly 48 hours... oh well, it would be awhile before I could use the spell from Rolling All the Way considering I don't use treasure cards in my main playtrough.


Sorry to hear you need to work during holidays. Happy holidays.

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Happy christmast and have Also that well needed rest. I know that some of us in these forums can get impatient, but I personally Expect you to have good and relaxing free time. And that is an order!



See you in 2017!

Hopefully with new adventures... ;)

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