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Progression/character deck messing up error on 6-2



So, I started playing through chapter 6 with my high-level set of four characters, and when I started 6-2 I got a slightly strange cutscene with a giant ally 6 (can't remember the name) where I couldn't hit continue and could only skip it. I continued on, and then I actually did encounter the ally in a location deck... And then the animations for placing the villain and henchmen ran again. Then I hit the same ally cutscene, hit skip, and I had suddenly lost the scenario AS WELL AS all of the cards that were in my characters' hands. So now I've lost a TON of acquired cards, including several loots.

Any chance I can get my characters rolled back? I feel like this is a lot of progress lost on my favorite characters...


Running on Android, characters were Seoni (her turn), Lini, Amiri and Lem. This was the first turn of the game.

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Live encountered exactly the same bug.

The npc is Morgiv... When I encountered his card, the scenario had restart and after skipping the introduction, I reached the end of scenario. What a surprise when I checked my decks ! I've lost almost all m'y cards... =/


I've only the two basics characters (Merisiel and Kyra).

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