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Zombie horde broken.



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Let me elaborate on that matter:

Happened after the 1.1.6 patch download.


Zombie Nest card - After successfully killing the Zombie (weapon or magic) the Nest card does not disappear as it should but goes on top of the pile, showing itself again on next draw, causing the location to be stuck on that card, without ability to progress.

Happened on Quest mode, Pass&Play and Permadeath off. 

Party included: Lini (happened to that character), Lem, Seoni, Harsk. Scenario difficulty on Heroic.


My data:

Android 6.0.1, Galaxy Tab A



Thank you!

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Yup, I've encountered this as well. It also happens with Haunts (at least, I think that's related.) I haven't encountered one but I bet it's affecting Monster in the Closet as well. Seems to be any bane that summons a monster and then is supposed to be defeated. (Rather than banished, as with Skinsaw Ritual or Skeleton Horde.)


And just so we're clear: it affects both Zombie Horde and Zombie Nest for sure confirmed.

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