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Seoni lost powers after 6-1



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Same here then I noticed everyone started to lose their feats. Especially their card feats. And their feat recharge abilities stopped functioning even though those feats are still toggled.

I'm kinda SOL now.

This issue only stared to show tonight when I was attempting to get my second star rating on lvl 6

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I have most of my characters have lost several powers (definitely Merisel, Lem and Lini) plus some don't even show up on the screen to start a party. Sure hope this can be fixed. Don't really want to start over after getting thru 6.2.


on Ipad Air 

PFID: 48D391306AE41F63


uggh -- I just deleted the parties as recommended in previous posts and now my fully experience characters don't exist at all!!! (Merisel and Lem are only available as new characters after playing them from the beginning all the way through 6.2)  -- PLEASE HELP

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