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Sajan Potion Bug



Prior to the new patch 1.1.6 my Sajan Drunken Master could use potions on other party members and recharge with his role power.

The new patch I used a Healing Potion on Amiri in the same location, I never got a prompt for Recharge or Banish so I ended up losing the potion automatically.

Not sure if this was altered so Bring Me Another! only works when Sajan uses potions on himself, or if this is a bug but it sure seems like it.

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I have experienced the same issue as well. I was in story mode 4-3 and when i used the healing potions it never gave me a recharge prompt for my drunken master Sajan. I thought it might have been just the story mode since I saw an earlier post discussing it but i went and obtained more healing potions, only to lose them again to a lack of recharge prompt in other story scenerios.

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