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Deleting party in Story either deleted or reset characters



I had a six-character party which had just finished 5-2. While I was re-allocating cards after winning 5-2, the game kicked me out. I ended up on my tablet's home screen. Every time I tried to Continue, or enter Story mode and click the blue arrow to return to playing the save, same thing -- kicked out.


So, the save's bad, I figure. I'll delete it and rebuild the party.


Except... after deleting the party, either I don't have my characters, or they've been reset. (This is the issue I am alerting people to, not the being kicked out.)


I've played this long enought that I don't remember what experienced characters I had before I deleted the save.

The party was Lini, Harsk, Kyra, Seoni, Merisiel and Sajan.

The party screen said I had 24/24 characters. I think I had at least one instance of the six characters listed above, but I did not verify that. But I had several Seoni's, for example, but none had anywhere near the progress of the party whose save I deleted.

The game was still kicking me out, even with a new party, so I reinstalled it.

On reinstall... good news, I'm not getting kicked out. Bad news: I have 15/24 characters (?). Only one Seoni, and no Sajan. No unassigned character has any progress past Adventure 3.


TL;DR -- If you delete your party in Story mode, it might delete or reset your characters, especially if they've progressed past Adventure 3.


What device type are you on? Android

What version of the OS are you running? Android 5.0.2

What model is the device? LG G Pad X8.3

What is your PFID#? DD78F74D1342CD6B

Note I bought the Runelords bundle so I have all adventures, all characters.

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Well, it seems a very rare event for the App to crash at the end of 5-2. We'd have heard a lot about it by now. So it's probably specific to your device.


Perhaps to could do some experimenting for us to find a little more detail about the exact triggers for character deletion so that the devs can get more detail? Was it the crash that led to the deletion or just the deleting of the party? Without detail of the exact triggers, I don't see how the Devs can find this bug. If it's really a bug - I haven't seen it.

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Hmmm, that's interesting. Because I wasn't quite sure what you were saying here, but it sounded at least relevant:




My point wasn't petitioning to have the bug fixed -- my points were (1) to alert others to be on the look out this could happen, and perhaps to try other things before deleting a save (like reinstalling), and (2) to ask the developers to look at my PFID to see if they can see what's the story with my characters (so to speak).


It can be hard to detail your experience when you only hit a problem once. But if you hit it repeatedly, you should be able to.


But yeah, it's possible the character loss only occurs after the other bug. That would be the best situation.


(People not understanding mccrispy's snark should see the recent thread on healing powers failing -- http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/90208-heals-stopped-working-entire-game-super-buggy/?p=1864548)

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