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[1.4.1] Story Mode: experienced characters disappeared or lost all progress



Well, that was a lovely surprise! As I've now purchased AP4 I thought that I'd do some party maintenance before starting out on the Campaign again. (I'd previously completed AP3 with every character except Harsk and my main party had completed on Legendary.) None of my original parties contained characters that were in other parties - as I bought new characters with Gold I created a new party once I had enough new characters to form a party.


So imagine my surprise when - after deleting all my characters - I had "Kyra 3", "Sajan 2", etc. Not only that, but some characters didn't appear in the Experienced tab and some of those that did appear on the tab had zero progress - even having their starting Decks.


Wonderful! Of course I have no idea which Patch is responsible for this delightful situation as I completed AP3 a very long time ago and had no reason to do anything with Story mode until today. Ho-hum, another setback courtesy of this terrible App. Great game, terrible implementation; Quality Assurance, what's that?

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