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Don't know if I missed something here, but...



I've experienced a few oddball things happening when trying to get my legendary wins on the Halls of Seduction & Thassilonian Sins -

I have run into not being able to reduce damage either by shield or armor (even with the spell ward shield or shield of reflection) and sometimes it's come from villains, but other times just regular monsters.


Also, I just had an issue with 5.4 where I encountered an Iron Golem with Seoni, and all I had in my hand were attack spells (that it was immune to) and one other option - I tried to play an Invisibility to evade it, and the game wouldn't let me!

I was forced into a fight I had no hope of winning...


Also, I don't know if anyone has encountered this bit of fun with Blizzard:


I had just acquired the spell when I had to quit out of the game and leave the house.

When I came back to play, the Blizzard card was still superimposed over the screen!

I forfeit the game and when I tried to resume a new one, the card was still there!

I tried again, and then decided to try and take a couple turns to see what would happen:

First turn, Seoni - explore - Blizzard! I succeed at acquiring it, play Haste, take a  2nd exploration to pull - Blizzard! I get that one, play a blessing, explore - Blizzard #3!

I quit after Blizzard #6, and had 6 of them among my spells to choose from after quitting out of that adventure...

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