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Stuck at Arkrhyst encounter in scenario Rimeskull



Valeros is fighting the snow dragon Arkrhyst.  Due to Arkrhyst's enter battle field effect, Valeros has zero cards in his hands.  First is a combat check to 20.  Other folks throws down blessing and Greater Aid to pitch in.  Combat check won.  Goes to recharge check for Greater Aid.  After that passes, comes back to Valeros and Arkrhyst but now there's nothing on the screen.  The 2nd combat check isn't happening.  VRT (Vault round trip) just repeats the Greater aid check and stuck repeatdly.  Same as restart app.



General (For all issues)

  • What device type are you on? iPad 3
  • What version of the OS are you running? iOS
  • What model is the device? iPad3
  • What is your PFID#? Avaklon #5062

Login Issues

  • When you launch the game, does the welcome popup appear for Game Center/ Google Play Games? Yes
  • On the main screen, what is the text displayed in the blue box at the top? Logged into Game Center


  • Is pass & play on?  Is permadeath on? No & No
  • Tutorial, Story Mode, or Quest Mode? Story Mod
  • Characters in Party: Merisiel / Seoni / Valeros / Kyra
  • Location of each character: All at Sihedron Circle
  • Turn Order: Fighting Arkrhyst, just defeated his first check with Valeros.  Just finished Kyra recharge check where it was used to help Valeros defeat Arkrhyst's first check.  Valeros has no cards in hand.  Now Valeros is stuck.  No action available on screen, no dice, nothing, the green explore icon lights up.  VRT comes back to the same previous check where Kyra recharge check: Greater Aid.
  • Scenario & Scenario Difficulty.  Legendary.  Full Packs & Blood in the Sand.
  • What card was encountered when the issue occurred? A bunch of blessing and Greater Aid were just used to help a cardless Valeros defeat Arkrhyst.
  • Did the issue occur on the first explore or a subsequent explore?  First explore.
  • Did other characters aid the check?  What did they use to aid it? Yes.  Greater Aid.
  • Was the encounter a Horde? No
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