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Kyra's Exorcist Power Broken



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Working for me about 8 hours ago - I'm on (709)


However. There are reports of all "self-heal" effects breaking intermittently. I have found that if I do any healing "off turn" then there's a chance that I'll break all self-healing effects (Kyra's Exorcist, the 1 card from Major Cure, the self-heal from Mass Cure, even - IIRC - Father Zanthus and Potions of Healing). "Normal" healing of others continues to work.

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Seems to be so. I did play some more and healing was working, then suddently or was not working anymore during the same scenario. So there has to be somekind of owerflow or similar that causes that. Because Until that point all healing was working and after that none of healing powers did not work any more. For example healing potion did not heal, Kyra power did not heal etc. It was like different switch was turned on. Like healing on, healing of switch. Very hard to pinpoint. I have to keep my eyes very keen on what is happening in here. The only thing that I did do but do not normally was using Kyras build in Display Divine card healing power. But how that would turn of normal healing... 8!

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