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Continuous decrease in check



Take a look at this pic:




When i encounter an enemy that increases difficulty based on number of dies and/or a scenario power that does a similar effect, sometimes if i undo my action the current check does not get reverted back to their old numbers. So if i keep undoing, it can actually go to numbers you shouldn't see. I could probably get it to negative 3 digits but I think i had enough. What's worse was when i switched combat checks via the menu, switching to a different combat check or tapping the same one kept decreasing my check by 1. Needless to say I wasn't going to win that battle. Menu trip out and in does not fix this.

Although I'm not entirely sure, the Challenging shield i used as a discard to add my str die roll could be the culprit. It has happened in at least two different instances where the shield was giving huge decreases in checks that made no sense.


More info: Turns out this seems to happen with odd items that add a die skill check to combat, such as Legion armor and challenging shield. Again this seems to always happen when i fight against an enemy that has increasing difficulty based on number of dices present.

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