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Hey everyone, so i'll try to keep this story concise as I can.


Triple crown party all @ lvl 9:




PC - Shock druid

2nd Shock druid





So I'm going around the north side of Elmshore map and engage that big mob of ogre druids/matron/ogres, very good fight but due to them casting like 4-5 plague of insects my party's health dropped rapidly.


Durance actually saved my game by casting barring deaths door on my PC and a couple others when I knew that health was becoming a major issue in the fight. Somehow I disengaged the fight and my PC survived with 2 hp. Killed most of the mob but not all.


Two of my characters didn't make it, my 2nd shock druid and the chanter. Long story short, I then went to twin elms and leveled up to 10 so I can purchase 2 new characters at level 9.


Question is, should I replace those two with what I had before, or does somebody have a much better idea that would fit better with my party? Maybe there is a different class that would synch up better.



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