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PoE on more than one PC

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Today I installed PoE on my game PC (until now I had only played it on my laptop)


When I started the newly installed - from Steam - game, I found a 'continue' option, and when I clicked that, I found myself in a save game from last week. In the load menu I saw all my save games that were older than about a week.


Does Steam look for save games on other PC's in the same network? How does that work? And why not the latest ones (maybe it didn't have the White March II installed when I started the game, for when I had closed the game, I saw PoE was still downloading something in the Steam Library screen).

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Ah, and I switched from Steam to GOG last week, so my latest saves were not uploaded. When I open the last save game in Steam on my laptop, save it again, then it will probably appear in my Steam PoE on the Game PC? (but that is a huge download again for Steam, so I will probably just copy my savegame to the PC).


I bought the full bonus pre-order pack on GoG in a sale, because that pack was cheaper than just the bonus goodies on Steam, and then I switched playing on GoG. But what would happen to the bonus pre-order item and pet that I only own on GoG when I switch to Steam?


It will be probably more convenient to switch back to Steam on my laptop, for that sync between computers.

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But what would happen to the bonus pre-order item and pet that I only own on GoG when I switch to Steam?


That's an interesting question. It's possible the assets for them are in all versions of the game, and the only thing that the preorder DLC does is spawn them in your inventory at the start of each new game. If that's the case they'll work fine I guess.


If the assets aren't present, then I hope Obsidian implemented some sort of system to avoid major problems. I would probably program the game to make items with an invalid ID default to something like a normal dagger, or even create a specific invalid item item.

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Actually, in my current savegames the items are not there, because I started with Steam, then bought the GOG pack for the goodies (guide, map, novel), continued the party in GOG, removed PoE from Steam, because it is really large for my limited laptop hard disk, so switching back to Steam should be no problem.


But I'll start a new campaign in GOG, then immediately switch to Steam, just to see what happens to that item.


I already noticed that savegames started without the White March don't show up in a game that does have the White March, because before I installed those modules on GOG, I only saw my very first short trial game from Steam. Then, after installing de DLC, I saw everything also in GOG.

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I did the test:


- Start in GOG 3.03, save

- Load in Steam 3.04

  The items (ring and pet) are there.


- Load in GOG

  My character is no longer there, just the caravan scout that will help me.


This is probably the effect of downgrading from 3.04 to 3.03, which doesn't work, obviously, but the save does show up as a valid load.

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