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[3.04] toggling modal abilities rapidly results in paladin aura not enabling



Kind of an obscure bug, but:


my paladin has cautious attack and both zealous charge and zealous focus. Sometimes in combat I rapidly switch alot of stuff, i.e. I switch my paladin's weapon, I toggle cautious attack on, and then click zealous focus to switch away from zealous charge.


Sometimes (more often than not), cautious attack will activate, I'll lose zealous charge, but my paladin will never activate zealous focus and will just continue to auto attack. The only fix is to quickly click/double-click on zealous focus, which will finally get the aura to activate.


Here's a dropbox link that I used for a different bug but works for this, too: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lma6iju9g1cmj8s/AAD9S992cLJmnMwRm3OhrcJha?dl=0


To reproduce:

1. load the stalwart village save. at some point while fighitng the first crag ogre, quickly toggle cautious attack and switch auras. 

2. cautious attack state will change.

3. current zealous aura will go away but new one won't activate (sometimes, at least more often than not)

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I've had this happen even when the game is not paused, turns out. I think the key crux is switching paladin aura while some other action is being prepared or in process (like, the cooldown that appears on the aura when you click on it completes while your character is doing something else). It's like by the time that action is done, my character sometimes forgets about activating the new paladin aura.

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