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Make Combat Log window use single line spacing?

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Is there an existing mod that will make the combat/dialog window in the bottom-right corner (where everything gets logged to) use single line height spacing? This would seriously alleviate a huge OCD issue for me, other games like Baldur's Gate and Ice Wind Dale use single line height spacing which is awesome.


Basically this would mean I can adjust the dialog window height to show, for example, 12 lines of potential text. I can then scroll up/down with the mouse wheel and it will always show a full 12 lines of potential text. Currently scrolling via the mouse wheel results in lines being partially clipped, it also results in the positioning of each line of text likely being shifted slightly up/down by a few pixels as I scroll.


If you need a video comparison of how POE works and how Baldur's Gate works I can produce one for you, Thanks.

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