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Brighthallow Corruption Bus 2nd floor



Hello, just after recruiting the druid to the party I went to the dungeon in the area, killed the spider, and got the soul spear, and then returned to the keep to rest.  However, I keep getting booted to the main menu with the game claiming that there is "corruption" happening.



Anyone know why this is happening?  I can provide my save file if it'll help, but I'm kind of stumped.

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Hey Reshy,


We have a fix for this in our 3.04 patch. It is in beta right now and will release soon.


That being said, you do not have to go upstairs in order to rest in Caed Nua, you can rest anywhere in the map.


- Sking

Now it appears that I cannot change my party out either.  http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=787881978

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