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Incendiary Cloud is the buggiest card in the game



By far, this card, and probably others that let you do something similar like Toxic Cloud, are some of the buggiest cards in the game. Firstly, i like to prebuff so if i know i'm going to encounter a monster i can't kill or want to kill with higher success i'll cast something like this, twice if i happen to have 2 of them in a hand. Secondly, if you use/do stuff that require a screen replacement, such as use haste with ezren and it gives you the recharge/discard screen, the incendiary cloud will be put back into the hand, regardless of who used them, so goodbye to prebuff spell(s).


This spell also has extremely weird interactions when you switch combat rolls at the top of the screen. Press some of them too much and the spell(s) can get put back into the hand. It gets worse, some henchmans upon defeat will unable you to close the location (and no it is not summoned from elsewhere so don't even) if something like that happens. If you suspect a bug happened with incendiary cloud you bet it's the culprit and the problems to what you'll be experiencing.


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