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Kana Consistently Stops Chanting in 3.04 Beta + it looses weapons in his third weapon slot



Hi Everyone,


Noticed that in a battle Kana Consistently stops chanting no matter it is switched off before the battle or not. Not sure why. Additionally I lost a gun from his third weapon slot from one second to another. Here is the dropbox link After loosing the weapon where you can find my save file:




Additionally regardless I reswitch his chanting, it switches off a little after


I am at Caed nua level 2.



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Please try to give the chant you composed a proper name and try again. Does it work then?


Disappearing items are a different issue. It happens very seldomly, but it was reported like a hundret times and nothing happened until now. Maybe this will never get fixed because the bug is very difficult to reproduce.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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