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Can't choose the dawn flower's favorite.



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I just had a problem selecting a Feat myself tonight. I cannot remember which Feat it was but it was one of those in a "levelling up" series but that isn't connected to the rest in the series and therefore should be selectable irrespective of what level the rest of the series has reached. (Sorry, clumsy description). If I remember which Feat it was, I'll update this post.


Is Dawnflower's Favourite a similar Feat, or part of a linked series (they have a sort of border around them)?

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Just finished sandpoint under siege and got a power feat. On the cleric Kyra I already got the dawn flower's favor. But now the dawn flower favorite is not available to choose as power feat.

Is there a reason?

Unfortunately this has been a problem since Adventure 4 was released:



Hopefully the fix is coming soon.

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