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Desperately need help with final battle of White March II *spoilers inside*Quest help

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Specifically the eyeless hammers - I've got three level 15 dudes (my main barb and eder and Aloth), and everyone else is 14 (Durance, Kana). Barb has Abydon's Hammer, Meneha has St. Ydwen's Redeemer. Kraken doesn't take too long to go down, but everyone is at least a little hurt by then, and three eyeless just make mincemeat of them. I keep hearing how Abydon's Hammer and St. Ydwen's Redeemer will take out eyeless hammers in seconds, but this literally never, ever happens. I have seen St. Ydwen's take out a lower level vessel once in the entire time I've been using it. I'm playing on Hard, with scaled WMII content. Any way to improve my chances of knocking out the hammers? I'm really stuck here. I just killed the damn Adra Dragon and that was easy compared to this.

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Save some War Paint and Potion of Merciless Gaze for when they show up?


Tbh, the Hammers never showed up when I killed it solo, could be that I killed it too fast? Kana with some summons, so long as he's tanky enough, should do the trick. Keep one summon to the side, then when the first one dies send the other in. Rinse, and repeat - use a fast Chant if you need to.

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You have to crit to destroy the eyless, which shouldn't be impossible on Hard, since all enemies have -15 defense.

Do you have a tank or somebody you can respec to a tank with max fortitude?

If you have a chanter, paladin or fighter tank with max fortitude and couple this with defensive mindweb from cipher your whole party will be pactically invulnerable to the eyless.

A paladin ofc also has zealous focus for dat accuracy, if you now rest using a camping bonus vs vessels you are halfway there.

Give your barb and Maneha th respective WF for the vessel destroying weapons and maybe even use scroll of valor and/or potions for even more acc.

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Yeah, not sure why I'm never getting crits. I'll try the potions and scrolls.

Problem with Kana and the non-fighter classes is they get swarmed by the three Eyeless - it's basically down to luck if I manage to block them.


Ogre summoning horn also doesn't seem to work in the final room - is this a bug? I've heard from others than it works, but it isnt working for me.

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Jojobobo was speaking of Ogre summon via Chanter invocation...

Anyway you have a Priest, so between devotions for the faithful, crowns and champion boon + someone else casting scroll of valor + who is wielding hammer and redeemer drink merciless gaze you will be quite ok for score easy crits. Just buff hard before engaging them. In case send some figurine to the slaughter to soak some dmg.

And if all your party swarm the Kraken and let tentacles alone, he will die very easy and fast, so no much dmg around...

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