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I still can not add Hiravias to my party as of patch 3.04





I recently purchased a copy of Pillars of Eternity from Steam on October the 17th, 2016. And I have thoroughly enjoy the game so far, but I started to notice small bugs here and there. The most notable at first was when Geyda would not show up in my stronghold the second time, after a little looking into it I decided that it was not a big deal and that it would be fixed in time.


But now when I tried to add Hiravias to my party after recruiting him he just sits in my stronghold with a available to hire posted under his portrait.


So I was wondering if I need to do something to have my game be fully updated?


As the 3.04 patch fixed this bug correct?


Thank you for you time 

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Are you 100% sure you're on 3.04? The patch is still in beta so you must enable beta patches in your Steam settings to get it.


Your game version is shown in the bottom left corner of the screen when you're on the main menu.

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