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More Challenging Variant: The Cost of Failure

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I've played both the tabletop and tablet/phone versions pretty extensively and I use a variant that makes the game more challenging in the Normal, Epic, or Legendary modes for the tablet/phone. If you are interested, read on, try out the variant, and let me know what you think. (Of course, you should play with Permadeath option when you start your party. C'mon, be brave! And definitely no replaying scenarios you already won.)


After your party loses or forfeits a scenario, there is a price for failure! :-)

-At the card selection screen for your party, look at the card totals by type.

-Note any types that have more cards than allotted for your party. For example, you see that your party has more weapons, items, and blessings than allotted for your party.

-Randomly select one of these card types (I use a die roller app to randomly determine which card type to pick). -From the randomly selected card type, choose the card with the highest check to acquire and discard it from your character. Ouch! (I know, rough to lose that Deathbane Crossbow, right?!)

-Then finish the card selections for your party (of course you can't add back in the card you just lost....you'll be stuck with a weaker card).


Try out this option and let me know what you think.

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