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"Ghoul Bat" - Bad interaction with AD4 Scenario 1 Heroic Scenario Power



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Was playing AD4 - Scenario 1 on Heroic (whenever someone encounters a normal monster, some poor sap has to fight Longtooth)


Ezren encountered a "Ghoul Bat" (magic cards get buried during the encounter)


Rules / Bug:

Valeros got stuck with Longtooth.  He attempted to reveal a shield of fire resistance to block the damage.   It got buried.  I can only assume this was because it was "magic" and the ghoul bat was around.  However, should it really apply when he wasn't the one encountering it?

Same thing with the weapon he used.


Definitely a bug:

Ezren played a spell to beat the ghoul bat, and that was able to be recharged(wasn't auto-buried).  Sounds like the "Ghoul Bat" powers applied to Longtooth instead of the bat.




The bug part (not the rules/bug part) might be a duplicate of:


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