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Can somebody explain or point to the documentation for the "Completion" status

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I had a Story Mode a set of 6 experienced characters that I specifically built a party with to run through on Legendary mode. They had all previously completed to the end of AP3. When I completed a Scenario on Legendary the display in the Scenario chooser showed the three ticks against each such scenario.


But, I had to delete the party (by deleting the game.sav file) because of a bug that completely blocked progress (yes, completely).


Now, when I recreate that party the Scenario selector looks like this:


Note that the Normal level completion shows a tick, Heroic a star and Legendary shows "blank". Previously these were all ticks


When I look at a Character in "Manage Party" the character shows as Completed for the Scenario, but I'm a little confused about the icons shown:


I assume that the ticks beside each Scenario indicate completion of the Scenario, but what do the padlocks mean on each AP?


Can somebody explain how Completion (including Heroic/Legendary) is tracked per Character/Party/Scenario and if there's some UI documentation for all this can somebody point me to it?


Thanks very much!

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Completion is tracked different ways per character and per party (i.e. the .sav) file.


Character saves just list the scenarios they have completed, but do not take note of the difficulty they've been completed on.  It's largely there to track progress rewards and such.


Party saves track completion, the difficulty level they've been complete on, and whether or not the party received scenario rewards.


As for the UI stuff, the check marks in the characters "Completion" section indicate which scenarios they have completed (drawn from the character save). The padlocks are a little confusing sometimes.  It is an artifact of your party's "last completed scenario".  You may have completed all of AD4, but if you took the party back to Poison Pill for a gold run, the UI will sorta go back to thinking that you're in whatever AD that "last completed scenario" came from.  That is why all the locks are erroneously displayed.  Just ignore them and focus on the check marks. Play a higher AD scenario and they should change to check marks or something.


Also, the vault behaves in the same way.  As in the same example above, if you've completed every AD so far, but go back to an earlier scenario, the vault has a tendency not to display those later Adventure Decks.

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Based on this, I have a party of 6 and a party of 2 going through story mode.  However, when I go to create a "new" party it shows 17 slots are filled out of the 24.  Shouldn't that only be 8 slots?  How do I determine which party members to delete and which to keep?  The party of 2 finished all AD1-3 on all modes and AD4 on the first level.  The party of 6 has AD1 on all levels, AD 2 on Heroic, AD3 on first and just started AD4.

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