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Flicking through my gallery, I have a lot of cards that I have multiple copies of bit I'm not sure which if any I should salvage.


So, does the number of copies impact the likelihood of it dropping into a location deck? And if so, is there any advice about tweaking the card pool to ditch "bad"cards?


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The answer to your first question is yes.  The more you have of a treasure card, the more likely you are going to see it.  Understanding "why?" and "what should i do?" are slightly more complicated questions, and fortunately I can just copy-and-paste something I posted on reddit not too long ago. ;)
Here's a mostly-accurate example of what's going on behind-the-scenes:    

Running a "full" party on AD4/Tier4, expect about 100 of your treasure cards get randomly mixed in with all the regular campaign cards before the location decks are dealt. However, that's not 100 out of all your treasure cards, it is up to 20 each from AD0 through your current Adventure Deck (AD4, in this example).

You could have an absurd number of Smiths or Menagerie Keepers, but it will only screw up the treasure probabilities at the AD0 and AD1 level.  This method certainly won't guarantee a perfect distribution, but it is a simple way to ensure that having a ton of one card won't wreck the chances of seeing every other treasure card [i.e. It will just wreck the chances of seeing other treasure cards at that AD level].

When it comes to treasure cards, each Adventure Deck is like its own bonsai tree. Grow it and shape it however you want, but try and not to let any particular aspect grow too large, as it may throw the deck off balance.

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Cheers for the reply, that makes sense I think. So the filter in gallery for "treasure" shows cards above and beyond those that are fixed? And I can only salvage those treasure cards? I do have a few cards such as Menagerie Keeper and Giant Weasel where I have about 16 copies do perhaps I should trim then down a little.

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If you're talking about the "xx / yy" numbers after you tap the Treasure Card filter button, I'm not entirely sure what to make of that info.  I honestly don't know why it might show I have 11/11 Treasure Cards when I obviously have two or three missing.  I've never given it much thought when there are better mysteries to probe.  ;)


You can only salvage Treasure Cards.  RoTR cards have a fixed minimum.


Regarding the 16 Menagerie Keepers that you (and seemingly everyone else) possess, I'd salvage that card down quite a bit.  Remember, in my example above only 20 AD1 treasure cards get selected to be mixed into the scenario vault.  If a third of your AD1 Treasure Cards happen to be Menagerie Keepers, that means 6 or 7 are likely to be added to the vault each game, reducing the likelihood of ever seeing other AD1 Treasures.


What's even more likely is that you probably have two or three different Treasure Cards in an AD that may numerically account for half of the treasure cards at that AD level.  Try shaping them down to get a better "random" selection of treasure cards in a scenario.

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