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Stuck in role selection screen with Seelah and Sajan



Hi developers,


my first save game became stuck after I won the 4th scenario of AD3. I completed scenario 1, 2, 3 and 5 before completing the 4th one.

Now I CAN assign the first power feat for completing 4th scenario and then I CAN choose the roles for both characters but I CANNOT assign the additional power feat. The green "done" arrow does not close the window. I also cannot return to the character selection screen. Which means I cannot play this save game any more at the moment.  :(

Maybe if you 'unflag' the completion of the 5th scenario for both characters it will work?


My PFID is PFID-C22CC0864AE53A9E

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There seems to be an issue with awarding multiple Power Feats. I logged an issue where in Quest Mode I had characters being awarded two Power Feats (as a result of a fix to a previous bug that denied them the Feats). Like you, I was able to assign the first Feat, but the game locked out on the second Feat. My only fix was to delete the SLOT99 saved game (I believe that it's SLOT98 for Story Mode) so I could at least go play the other characters that didn't miss out on Feats.


I'm not sure what the fix is for Story Mode. Possibly delete the saved game and then disband the party so that you don't trigger it again until the Devs fix it (hopefully in the next patch, 'cos it's pretty high impact and affects a lot of people)


Here's my post for reference http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/89445-141-quest-catch-up-on-rewards-of-feats-hits-progression-break/?hl=feats

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Hey Aarik, the workaround that you found, is it only valid for Mondkuss's Role selection issue? I spent 20 minutes running through a scenario to level my 38s and see whether I would be able to use this workaround for the problem with assigning two Feats in one post-scenario, but I was unable to do so.


Could you provide a little more detail for your workaround please? I made sure that all my Power pages had been scrolled to the bottom - but of course as soon as you change which character you're working on it resets the Power Feat page to the top. I assigned the first Power Feat and hit the Advance arrow, but it wouldn't let me interact with the Power Feat pages for the second reward. The Completion and Skills pages were all screwed up too.


Here's some screenies:




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I went through AD3 in the same order as Mondkuss (finishing on scenario 4) and now I have this problem with Lem:  I was able to pick his power for scenario 4, and then was taken to the Role screen; I can switch between the roles and I can scroll down and see all of the powers for each role...  But I cannot select any of them.  Tapping on them does not highlight them or even display the feat description at the bottom.  And since I can't select one, I can't tap the advance arrow.  I can go out to the main menu and come back in and re-do the Rewards process from the start.


So, I'm totally stuck as far as this party/saved game goes.

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