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Blood Testament Monk Gloves bugged 3.03 PX1 PX2 - Steam





I've been using the Monk gloves and have seen them not trigger the raw damage. Now I don't really know why they didn't trigger in the screenshot attached. I have seen them trigger before. Perhaps it is because there is another bonus damage (shock or burn) that overrides it?


As you can see in the screenshot my Monk has 7 wounds, but the damage calculation shows nothing. And yes I have the gloves equipped.


Anyone else have this happen?



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Sometimes you have to reequip them. Sometimes a realod helps. Or restart the game. I've had issues with the Blood Testmanent Gloves (and also with spell chance items) since the beginning. Sometimes they work, the next time they won't (until I do one of the above).

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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