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I don't know of any strategy guides, but just finished the AD4 Legendary scenarios. I kept Ezren for all of them (he is faster at going through decks than any other character and I loaded him with scrying and augury to find the villians/henchmen faster.) I then used 2 more character for each scenario -- Valeros when the bad guys mostly needed strength to defeat and usually LIni for her wisdom and add ons to dice checks to close locations. I switched to Ezren, Lem and Lini to fight the harpy monks and succeeded on the first try -- the harpy monks tend to bring the characters together which actually helps beat them.

Good luck!

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Since there was a delay before my post appeared, I went ahead and tried the Black Tower with just Lini and Kyra. Got lucky with draws and beat it first try with 12 turns to spare! Thanks for the advice regarding Valeros and Ezren (they're first-picks for me along with Lini) - I'll give that a shot for the other scenarios. If anyone stumbles across a scenario guide (or makes one), I'd still love to see it!

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