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Stuck when fightin Mokmurian



I don't know why this is happening just now, because I managed to complete the adventure with two different parties before with no issue whatsoever, but now, every time I encounter Mokmurian in the last scenario and I complete the first check, the game automatically replenish my hand and my turn is over, and I can't take the second check to beat him. Also, if I fail the constitution check before the fight I have to bury the cards, but then it replenishes my hand, this time without ending the turn though. Mokmurian returns on the top of the deck ready to be fough again, but I can't manage to get past it. 

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No ok, this time I defeated him. It seems that it happens only sometimes... 


EDIT: Ok, maybe I understood something. If I play anything to aid the character performing the first combat check with another character, the villain isn't defeated, otherwise I can make the second check.

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