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[Bug] App interrupts music every time phone is unlocked



Platform: Android 7

Device: Nexus 5x


When I have music playing the the background (Spotify, specifically) with Pathfinder open, Pathfinder will stop my music when unlocking my phone.


NB: I'm using Spotify for my repro steps because that's how I reproduced it. It's highly likely that this will happen with any music app.

1. Open Spotify and start playing music

2. Open Pathfinder. Music will be stopped during app boot.

3. Drag down the top bar and press play on the Spotify app. Music resumes.

4. Lock the phone

5. Unlock the phone


The music will stop again. This only started occurring in the latest patch. Prior to this, music would only be stopped on initial boot, not when unlocking the phone or switching tasks.

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I can reproduce this with my Samsung Galaxy 5 in both Spotify and Samsung Music player. It also pauses music when you change programs and return to Pathfinder using Samsung fast app switcher or through the Pathfinder app shortcut.


This happens even if the game is completely muted (sound effects and music sliders to the left.).

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