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Hello PoE fans,


I wanted to ask, whether there are any large-scale mods for the game. I waited some time (year or so) to replay the game. As with other games I replay, I looked for some mods which would improve upon things I did not like that much (presentation wise, not affecting gameplay). Like those many mods you can find for Elder Scrolls games, which improve graphics/sound/atmosphere/animations etc...

Are there any you know of? In the nexus site I mostly find only portraits packs, the only mod worth mentioning was IE mod.

What I definitely wanted to change is the atmosphere of some places. For example Defiance Bay was really empty with not much things going on. Can one modify the places somehow? At least changing the music/ambiance sounds? I was really annoyed how every tavern in the game had precisely the same sounds/music.

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I would welcome at least separate volume sliders, because ambiance sounds are often very quiet, while footsteps and fight sounds are too loud. Really, the footsteps sounds were getting on my nerves. However I did not have luck finding the sounds.

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