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Inheritor favor Vs Inheritor favorite

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Inheritor's Favor - Recharge the Blessing of Iomedae

     - Card is returned to the bottom of your character's deck

Inheritor's Favorite - Recharge or Shuffle the Blessing of Iomedae

     - Card can either go on the bottom of character deck, or shuffled somewhere randomly


If you have a bunch of Blessing of Iomedae cards, the second class power could potentially keep them in continuous circulation.

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No problem!  Also, at the Main Menu, check out Options --> Rules.  


There is a list of terms the game uses which have specific definitions.  As you've pointed out, some things (like "recharge") aren't entirely straightforward if you don't have previous experience playing the tabletop game.

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Exactly, I've been playing the game from some time and did not grasped all the aspects of the rules. I don't know why I believed that recharging a card would shuffle the deck too...my bad!

Thanks again!

I thought this until I played the game in person. It's easy to miss in the tutorial if you're not already informed about the game.

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