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Bug: Charmed Red Dragon

Saint Ajora


First, I have to say that I hate this card from the bottom of my heart. I'd rather face the most dreadful barrier than an ally that practically behaves like one. That said, I want to report a bug that I found out after finding one of these.


I had Sajan in the Wooden Bridge when he found a Charmed Red Dragon. I invested some blessings in order to defeat/acquire the red dragon, but I failed. Sajan took 1 point of fire damage (actually 2, but his Dodge protected him). Then, a strange thing happened: the red dragon's card was shattered (banished) almost in a full screen format, and the game went back to the first in the row, Harsk, as if it was he that had explored in that turn. The blessings deck remained the same, though. That's the second time that this happens to me, but I forgot to report here in the first time.

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I'm a bit torn on big bonuses: they really help with your minimum roll (so Valeros and Amiri can deal with low-level Banes with minimal effort) but they don't help as much with your maximum value, for when you have to take a chance. My default roll is "one more dice than I would need if the roll produces the average". Big bonuses do help with this approach as they shift the average, but it's a bit risky with low dice counts (while limiting damage if you roll snake eyes!)

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