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Daily gold purchase not working



I purchased daily gold this morning and was billed soon afterward. I did not have any option in the store to collect it at that time. The quest refresh happened about an hour ago, and I still do not have any option for collecting it. When I go to the gold tab in the store, daily gold only gives me the option to purchase again.



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It has happened to me so Many times, that when in doupt I check it out and guite often the pfid says that I am not logged in... then I close the app and restart and vola, the app says that this time i am actually logged in. Not sure if it is server, or the device... but in anyway it is a worth of looking out.


But if it does not help, contact the support / or devs, They can check it out From the server side!

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If you aren't logged in, the store isn't available. How can PFID not be active when you are in the store?

It we knew the answer to that... we'd all be much wiser. Nevertheless, it's very common - especially after a reboot or a long break - for you to log in when you launch the game, only for your PFID to be unavailable. Exiting the game and relaunching usually fixes that. I *always* launch from Play Now, so that's not the answer.


First thing I do every time I launch the App is to check my PFID and relaunch if it's not present. It's one of the many compensating behaviours that I've had to adopt in order to play this fantastic - but bug-riddled game.

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