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How to discard during hand reset?



The game gives one and only one option, the >> end turn. You cannot discard additional cards and must play the cards you are dealt. Was this a design change for the app?


Or if there is some way, (other than dragging to discard pile which does not work) what is the method please?


NM, I'm sure there's some icon that does this...just contrary and counter-intuitive to the existing UI mechanics. I will just tap the entire screen until I find it.

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Try clicking on the garbage bin icon when ending your turn. (Skip the >> button because if your Character have no "end of turn" ability or no armor that can be recharge, that will immediately end your turn) I believe after you click that button, you can now drag any card from your hand to the discard file and your hand will be reset afterwards.


Hope this helps.

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Yep, while playing, you might notice the little icons in the top right which indicate the phases of your turn that you're in. Those phases are:

0. Advance Blessing Deck (no icon); this phase is automatic

1. Give a Card (Purple Hand/Card Icon); you can pass a card to another character at your location.

2. Move (Blue Cardinal Directions Icon); you can move locations

3. Explore (Green Compass Star Icon); Explore your current location

4. Close a Location (Red Double Arrow Icon); If your current location's deck is empty you can try to close it.

5. End Your Turn (Yellow Garbage Can Icon); Discard if necessary (and/or optionally discard extras) and reset your hand.


If you aren't over your hand size, the game gives you an extra icon, the arrows on the middle right to skip to the next player's turn. This is effectively a shortcut and bypasses the option to discard (or recharge armors if you have magic armor). If you want to do so, you need to tap the End Turn icon to manually go to that step.

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