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Finding specific items

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Hi, I'm early on in the game and there is a weapon or two listed within my vault in deck 1 that would perhaps help my party. So if I understand things correctly I could find those weapons in any level 1 scenario that includes weapons in the location deck. However, is there a way of seeing the card list for a scenario before embarking upon the scenario? Once I've started the scenario I see at the top-left a breakdown of the card types at that location, but is there a way of knowing beforehand which scenarios I should grind in order to maximise my chances for particular boons?

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Statistically any scenario in AD1 with max weapon cards. 1-2 Local Heroes is good, there is a location with several weapons that leaves all weapons and armors in its deck also if you close it, so you can continue digging with your char. Highers AD have also other weapons so chance for AD1 weapons are lower

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