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Question On Modding POE Soundsets

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Hello all,


ABSOLUTE Newb here so please bear with me...


I am wondering - Well, let me tell you what I WISH to do in my POE game, and maybe can someone can advise me how, if possible or at least direct me.


In a nutshell, I want two things


1. To make my own version of two beloved BG2 characters. This will mostly be portrait and SOUNDSET.

2. To use Annah (From PS:T) as the Voice for My character.


I Have the files, but how do I convert them (from .wav) so they will work in the game, and where do I drop them once I do?


Help? Please?


Thanks all! :)



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Hello, modding the soundsets is really easy in PoE, and one of my favorite activities too! :yes:


First of all you need to locate the files. If you got the steam version of the game, you will find them here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\data\audio\vocalization\vo wav files

In this directory you will find all the responses in the game, including NPC, premade companions, casting sounds etc.

Inside this one, there is the "player" directory, which contains all the generic voices that you can choose for your main characters or your custom companions.


Basically, you just have to choose one of those generic voices (for example "female - stoic") and replace its .ogg files with your own .ogg files, keeping the same names. Don't worry: you don't need to change all 72 files! Just a dozen of sounds will be enough.


I suggest that before you start playing with the sounds, you make a backup copy of the "player" directory, just in case. Anyway, the game won't crash even if you use wrong audio formats.


How to create your personal .ogg files? I suggest this: http://audio.online-convert.com/convert-to-ogg

Audio Bitrate: 128kps

Sampling Rate: 32000Hz

Audio Channel: Stereo

And your .ogg file is ready!


Now you only need to rename it and replace it with the original.

I will use the female-stoic soundset in our example.

Say that you had a "Imoen" .wav file. You convert it to .ogg, rename it "player_voice_set_f_stoic_0001" and then put it inside the Player directory, replacing the original file. From now on, you will hear Imoen when you click on your character with the female-stoic soundset.


The sounds that you absolutely have to change are those from 0001 to 0009: the first 3 are normal clicking lines, the next 3 are for movements and the last 3 are the battle cries.

I suggest you also replace 0033, 0034 and 0035, which are the stealth mode sounds. You can even use the same audio sound for those three. 0039 and 0040 are for trap or secrets spotted, 0041 is for lockpicking.

These are the ones you will hear more often during the game.

Honestly you can ignore all the rest, because they happen so rarely that they don't break immersion (getting poisoned, stuck, dying, critical etc), but of course you can replace whatever you want.


If you play a caster class (Wizard/Priest/Druid), consider choosing a voice that doesn't sound too different from the one you are importing; otherwise you can choose to replace even the casting sounds, which in general are from 0058 to 0062.

If you are playing a Chanter, from 0066 to 0068 are chants, from 0069 to 0071 are invocation sounds.

If you play a Cipher, 0072 is your casting sound.

Some voices have different numerations, but you can use my list as an example, and in general the first 9 sounds are always 3 clicking, 3 movement and 3 attacking.


Sometimes your custom audio files may be too loud or too quiet compared to the other sounds of the game. In that case, I suggest you change the volume of the file by using a program like Audacity.


Finally, be aware that some audio files from those soundsets are also used by enemy NPCs when they battle you, so you may occasionally hear an enemy guard shouting with one of your custom sounds ^^ not a big deal, right?


If you got any question, feel free to ask! Good luck and have fun changing soundsets, I had a lot of fun, especially making my chanters sing my favorite hooks! ^^

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Edér, I am using WhatsApp!

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Thank you for the advise (and sorry for the delay in answering)


I have gotten the hang of soundset editing now, - Successfully converted "Kelsey" from BG2 Mod (for only personal use, if that's a no-no).


The problem I am having is finding an Imoen soundset I can open/play and then convert. I've dl every set I could find and every converter, but no luck. Any thoughts as to how I can work it out?





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