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(3.03) Essential Phantom: what does it share with the caster?

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I've looked around and it is hard to find up-to-date information on what the Phantom actually shares with the caster or has by default.


I can't see how abilities, talents, or basic bonuses from equipment are related, if at all. Its attack looks like the lightning portion of Kalakoth's Minor Blights in the log, but with more accuracy than my caster. Doesn't seem to have a Blast effect so far. The Phantom's Deflection is higher than my caster and its DR against Slashing, at least, is lower. Its attacks seemed marginally slower.


Items with Spellbinding no longer seem to work, including rings.


Items with Spell Holding do appear to work - my Phantom was activating Consecrated Ground and Holy Meditation all by himself.


Does anyone know more specifics about this spell and/or Substantial Phantom?

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They use your equipment except weapons I think. You can see that they wear the exact armor and headgear that you wear. It's not too difficult to tell if they profit from the enchantments of your gear: summon a phantom in battle and let it get hit. Watch the log. Then reload, take off your gear and try again. You should see differences in edurance, ACC and defenses when the gear is off. If you don't, they don't get any bonus. But I recall they not even run faster with Boots of Speed, but even shoot faster with Gloves of Swift Action. But I haven't tested the phantoms for a while.


Spell Bindings on items are no longer usable (sadly). OBS reduced the usage of spell bindung from [all items] to [rings only] to [nothing]. It was kind of abusable because after summoning those items always had all charges, even if your own item was empty. Imagine those items with limited charges like Father's Teeth with Essential Phantom or the monk's twins. ;)

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Okay, so if it shares bonuses from equipment the anomalies I've seen might be from whatever base abilities/accuracy/dr/etc. that the phantom has. Hmm... the 8 dr vs slashing might've been because it ignored the Fine enchantment on my robe while still applying the +5 from the Belt of Blunting.


I guess if I seriously want to test this out I should get around to installing IE Mod (curse you, Steam updates, for making this so risky) so I can use more console commands and fewer workarounds. That, or if I recall correctly, I saw a program somewhere that could convert .unity3d files (specific to PoE or not, I can't remember) to something readable. I think it looked like a PITA to use or maybe just install but that could shine some light on this question and maybe even open the door to a mod or two.


Thanks for the help! If I test/check more and find out stuff I'll try to add it to this thread. At the moment I feel the urge to make a few more posts and get this moderator-approval monkey off my back...

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