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Is my vault independent of my campaign?

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If I understand things correctly, my vault of cards is analogous to the box of the physical game, I.e. my total collection of cards? I've bought a load of chests so am I right in thinking that these new cards I've unlocked are available to be found during all future campaigns? Related to this, at the start of a scenario is a ten-card location deck dealt from all of (for example) my deck 1 cards, or a certain number of them? I'm wondering what the chances of me encountering of of my shiny new unlocks actually is.


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Yes, all cards from the location decks come from both the base set and treasure cards (vault cards).


Theres only the limit of the deck level (AD4 cards do not appear before AD4, for example) AND from AD4 onwards, cards with the Basic keyword and level AD-3 keyword appear less frequently.

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The game does give you an option of whether you want to use Treasure cards in Story mode (they're always used in Quest mode) so you might want to check your game settings to make sure that option is not activated (I'm pretty sure default setting is using them but it doesn't hurt to check).

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The chance to collect a specific card is connected to:


- card AD indication (you can read it on the card itself, as B, C, 1, 2, 3,..), that must be fulfill (if you play AD2 you can't see 3 <--> AD3 cards in game, than C is an extension of the base set B that you can find everywhere)

- location card types (if you are looking for a weapon, focus explorations in locations that have many weapon cards in the deck, trying to explore all the weapons you can)

- [for treasure cards] increased chance from number of a specific card you have collected through the chests (so salvage multiple cards from chests that don't interest you, exploring the Gallery)


Remember that you can find in any location all cards of that type but casually picked up from all the ADx 'opened' in your current scenario (and that you can check in the Vault).


An example:

- you are looking for weapon '2' (from AD2)

- the best scenario to play is an AD2 one with a lot of weapon cards in its locations.


That's because if you play AD1 you can't find your card, and if you play AD3 it adds weapons 3 to the location decks and you have a lesser chance to find yours.


Then Treasure cards don't belong to the original tabletop game, so same players disable possibility to find them in Story. But I like the content the devs added to the game (it also reduce monotony of decks), and some cards are really funny to play. So it's your choice there.

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