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Accessing the White March

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Iv looked around and cant find anything but thought id ask just in case. Is there any way of getting to the White March content from the end of the game?


I dont have any saves from before the point of no return so currently stuck with content I cant play :(



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The game automatically creates a separate save for you, so it should be there unless you've gone ahead and deleted it. 


If there really is no save, you can use the console to teleport to any area outside the final dungeon, and then just head to the White March. 


AreaTransition MapName PointLocation
Example: AreaTransition AR_0002_Dyrford_Tavern_01 North1
The list of all areas: https://dl.dropboxus...8/poe-areas.txt


You might have to iroll20s first in the console, disabling achievements. 

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