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Cloud discrepancy - Ghost Story (mode)



It's a frightening story, you are warned.


After some days where I logged only with pc, I decided to verify again that Quest data were stored in the cloud before post in a thread of an other player with a problem about Quest mode.

To do so, before to launch the game with my ZenPad8, I deleted the local save data (sent in the trash).


After that, in the game, I checked Quest chars. Perfect

Then, automatically, I checked the data in Story parties. Perf....what?? 13/24 characters!? 11 main chars ... + 4 mules (for loot cards and some spells mostly) .... 11+4 is not ... 13...

Time slowed, my blood was frozen... a lightning outside the window and then a thunder in my bones (actually there is a storm in my city)..


I called my crew one by one... by their names... 2 missing 'voices' .... SeelahS1 wasn't in the top chars list (but still she has grasped to the current party... she is tough.. I have always known)... 

But AmiriS1 .... AmiriiiiSOoone.... we called all together (me and the other 13 + SeelahS1 in the party) in all the scenarios ... infinite seconds while chars bar refused to slide (for real)...


No answer... The storm has taken someone... 


I can't accept that... I have to recover my strongest fighter!

Fast refresh of Management Party... nothing!

Kill the process and delete the local data before login again... perhaps an error in sync, re-login and... nothing!

Fast! Kill the process again and restore old data... damn... nothing!

One last chance before to surrender to the storm...

Kill the process and delete the local data once more...connect the tablet to the desktop... and copy the local data from the emulator sdcard... fast! Launch the game and create a new party! There!! I got you back AmiriS1!!!


Storm hit hard, but not enough... this time! I sent a zip file to all my friends and some persons I have never known and that don't know me all around the world! I'm ready for next storm now!


Short version (for scared people):

if I download game data from the cloud on my ZenPad8 I can't see 2 characters in Story mode.





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I get a more insidious issue when trying to use Cloud save to sync between devices: some characters lose XP relative to other members of their party. (You know all characters that quest together always have the same XP unless one has Fallen? So you can tell if one loses XP). It seems as though the sync doesn't complete at the end of the game and I can't find a way to force it to do so. I've given up trying to use multiple devices.

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I'm not saying that my error is worse, just that it's less obvious and that it could become "baked in" before you notice it and are able to take remediating steps.


But for sure, there's something not quite "clean" about the cloud save and the local (two-way) sync and I can't quite figure out what the problem is our how to avoid it. But I certainly don't trust it.

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My ques is that problem is that the game is saved in two places, cloud and locally. It causes situations where there Are different Local saves in different devices. And when there is a sync problem (happens time to time) it may not be so easy to tell what is the newer version.


For example:

If you play with device A. There is a sync problem and you have only the newest save in Local

You then play with device B, and use old cloud save. But do worse than with device A.

Then device A managed to get contact to server... What is stored to cloud at that moment? Local From device B or device A?


Even worse is if you don't force shut the app in your devices and both devices sync to the cloud at the same time.


I am not sure if there is an easy solution, because most games only keep one save, Local or cloud. At least there should be information, if the game does not get contact to the cloud save, and/or if the server sees two or more Connection to the same account at the same time.

The system is most propably based on the time stamps of the files at this moment. So that is why I Expect that it is server Connection problems and/or the Connection at the same time with multible devices.

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True. Strategy that normally applications follow is:

- download from server at login if cloud is more recent or upload in the other case

- play and upload to cloud any updated data

- if you can't upload data, last data changes could be lost


And repeat again every time from every device.

In my situation I think that data is simply corrupted, just because I m using pc normally and chars set is complete there. So has to be the cloud too after every login I do with pc. Then I m not experiencing anymore duplicated characters in Story mode, so I think devs changed code around cloud.


If then I connect with tablet, data have to be sync from cloud. No possibility to have more recent data locally at login in the tablet. And my chars are complete locally in the emulator at every login.


Then if they are working about compatibility and portability right now (steam, cellulars, emulators.. ) the game has necessarily to work as any other game that stores data in a server. There player is clearly warned when disconnected for data loss. Think about Diablo 3 characters. No matter the pc/mac/xbox/playstation you are using, you always find your characters or you are disconnected.

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