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Missing Quest Character



I went to play Quest Mode earlier today and it wouldn't let me click the button.  It made the sound like I was hitting the button, and I think it even flashed, but it stayed on the main menu screen.  It didn't lock up or anything, and I could hit the button multiple times, and all the other buttons worked.  I wanted to play QM, though, so I reinstalled the game and my character is now missing.  Is there any way to recover?




What device type are you on? Android
What version of the OS are you running? Android 4.4.2
What model is the device? HTC Desire 510
What is your PFID#? B66EA540249A7B83
Is pass & play on? No
Is permadeath on? No
Tutorial, Story Mode, or Quest Mode? Quest Mode
Characters in Party: Merisiel

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With the last patch my Quest data are stored in the cloud too. So if you have updated the game, you should recover them just connecting. If they are corrupted you can try to delete the game data (better to move them in an other position as backup) and see if logging again restores your Quest data. Have you ever did a copy of your local data in the last month mate? Attached to any report in the forum maybe?

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