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add the "close" button back

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Before the 1.1.3 update, whenever the location deck was spread out and displayed (for example, if you're scouting), there was both a button marked "close" on the bottom right and the "x" button on the top right.  Now the close button is gone, and only the X button remains.  I wonder if the close button can be brought back.  It's functionality is duplicated with the "x" button, but it's much easier to reach with my thumb (on a tablet) and is a bigger target to touch.




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I agree!  Its also a UI consistency thing too.  Just about all the mandatory user interactions involve dragging cards or "big ol' buttons."  The tiny [X] to close seems to be the only instance of that kind of interaction.


Also, the Close button could still be there, and maybe got lost in the UI changes like all the other missing buttons...

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