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Sajan has red prohibit circle in reward screens

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I've got a party through Hook Mtn that includes the monk. I've chosen the Drunken Master role for him and am now playing the scenarios on the second difficulty level. I just completed Perils of the Lost Coast, and for the past two scenarios, Sajan has not been able to get rewards due to a red "prohibited" circle that appears on his portrait on those screens. All the other party members receive their rewards. Does anyone know why this is happening?



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In my experience, you only get the scenario rewards once regardless of difficulty. So if Sajan had done the scenario on normal and gotten the card reward, but the others had not, then he wouldn't be eligible on heroic. Source: ran through B and Ch. 1 on Normal, then Heroic then Legendary and only got one set of rewards.. after I ran Lini through Legendary with the original party, only she got rewards.

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