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Visual Dice Bugs



Temporary closing of locations

When temporary closing locations for the Villain and the close requirement is to fight a monster, the main dice of the character is the dice for the character encountering the villain. For example, Lini has green dice and encounters the villain, Valeros is at the Waterfront with gray dice, when doing a combat check the base d10 for Valeros is green, not gray.


Passive extra dice from displayed cards

Dice gained from displayed cards, such as Orbs or cloud spells, are not being colored correctly. For example, Seoni has red dice and uses Orb of Firestorm and Toxic Cloud, Seelah with yellow dice encounters a monster, the dice from Seoni's cards are displayed as yellow dice.


Horde Barriers

Same bug as Temp closing locations. The base die for each character is the color of the character who encountered the horde.

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