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What lash would you recommend for bosses?

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I'm getting a decent piece of equipment soon and will be wanting to lash it for use for the rest of the game. I know that there's been these kind of threads before, and that corrode is often regarded as a decent lash. However I also noticed that both of the bog dragons are immune to corrode.


In light of all this, what is the best lash to deal with as many boss monsters as possible? Comparing the dragons, nothing incredibly obvious springs out at me in terms of a best lash.

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Freeze should be slightly better in terms of dragons, only Alpine is immune to it and for the bog dragons it's the weakest defense.

But personally I think corrode is still really good, although Sky dragon is also immunte to it.

At the end of the day the choice of lash is not gonna affect the outcome of a boss fight.

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I had chosen too frozen lash for my loved drawn in spring... I just looked in the wiki for dragon immunities and was the least resisted overall. Anyway you can also go for corrode for slighty better performance on "normal" fights. But, hey, Remember that as long as you chant dragon trashed your melee damg is barely noticeable

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