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The base description says, "+9.3 Endurance over 1.0 sec".  I am guessing this means that every 1.0 seconds, the AoE restores 9.3 endurance to anyone standing in it.


With the current stats of the priest, the description says, "+13.6 Endurance over 1.7 sec".  If this indeed a ratio of X endurance restored per Y time, then both the numerator and denominator have increased with the extra int.  The base rate would be 9.3 / sec.  The effective rate would be 8 / sec, which is somewhat slower!  It operates for more total time (34 sec as opposed to 20 sec base), so would restore more total endurance, but at a slower effective rate.


Do I misunderstand the textual description?

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As a rule, whenever you see an "X over Y seconds" effect, this X refers to the total endurance gained / damage dealt / whatever. See for example also Envenomed Strike and Necrotic Lance. So for Consecrated Ground the +9.3 Endurance is the (base) total amount healed (per CG pulse). These pulses happen every three seconds. 


To be honest I'm not sure why the healing effect itself has a duration at all, rather than just being applied immediately. It's so short it hardly matters much, and it does make the math a bit less intuitive. It's actually just a reverse ApplyOnTick DoT, which works as follows: the effect is defined as a PerTick value and a duration. Ticks occur every three seconds, starting at zero and with an additional fractional tick at the end (unless the duration is an exact multiple of 3); the effect for this fractional tick is proportional to the remaining duration. So for example if you have a damage DoT of 15 Raw damage per tick and 5 second duration, it will do 15 damage on the 0 second and 3 second mark, and then at the 5 second mark will do a final 2/3 x 15 = 10 damage. So the total damage is (PerTick value) x (Duration/3 + 1) = 15 x 2.67 = 40 ( = 15 + 15 + 10). 


Getting back to Consegrated Ground, this has a base duration of 1 second and a base PerTick value of 7, resulting in +7 Endurance at 0s and +2.33 Endurance after 1s, so a total of 7 x (0.33 + 1) = +9.33 Endurance overall. Might will act as a bonus on the PerTick value, INT increases the duration. In this case your character seems to have 24 INT to get the +70% duration, calculating backwards thus gives an adjusted PerTick value of 8.68 = 7 x 1.24, so presumably your priest has 18 Might. 

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OK, so, a value applied each 3 second tick, with a remainder for a partial one at the end.  What's the other duration in the description about then?  E.g:

​"AoE Duration: 34 sec

Effects: Friendly AoE: +13.6 Endurance over 1.7 sec"

​That's one duration more than I'm grokking.  I'm thinking the whole Consecrated Ground lasts 34 seconds, so that'd be 11 ticks plus a remainder.  And each tick I'm getting... 13.6 endurance?  Is it that the 13.6 is split between T=0 and T=1.7 relative to the start of each tick?  If I understood your last example right about "+7 at T=0 and +2.3 at T=1s", it sounds something like that.

In that case, the 1.7 in my example is not what I had been thinking it was, so would not decrease the effective rate of endurance gain.​  It only changes how the gain is distributed within each tick.  Which makes more sense, relative to what I had imagined from the textual description.

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Yeah, that does slightly complicate it further. Basically, what CG does is set up an AOE effect that pulses every 3 seconds, starting at 0 (there are no partial pulses here though). An ally hit by the pulse will get a "Healing DoT" (HoT?) of base 1s. 


So in your example the total duration is 34s, so we get 12 pulses in total. The full PerTick value of the HoT is +8.68 Endurance, so the fractional tick will give 1.7/3 x 8.68 = 4.92 (and 8.68 + 4.92 = 13.6, the listed total; these numbers don't count any additional +X% healing done/received by the way, those don't show up in the effect description). The Priest himself will of course always be hit by the CG pulses, so for him it will look something like the following. 


0s       [pulse]   [Priest +8.68 END]

1.7s                 [Priest +4.92 END]                                [Ally A moves next to Priest]

3s       [pulse]   [Priest +8.68 END]   [Ally A +8.68 END]   [Ally A moves away again]

4.7s                 [Priest +4.92 END]   [Ally A +4.92 END]

6s       [pulse]   [Priest +8.68 END]

7.7s                 [Priest +4.92 END]


33s     [pulse]   [Priest +8.68 END]

34.7s               [Priest +4.92 END]

He could thus be healed for a maximum of 12x13.6 = 163.2 Endurance. For allies it will obviously depend on whether they stay close to the priest. They need to be close enough to the priest when the CG pulse goes off to get a new HoT, they can't just walk away after CG was cast. Though conversely, they don't need to have been near the priest when CG was initially cast to get part of the benefit, they can just move closer later on. 
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